«BLACK MOUNTAIN» – dark unfiltered beer!


JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» started production of new dark unfiltered beer «BLACK MOUNTAIN». «BLACK MOUNTAIN» continues the line of our premium unfiltered beers, which has already caught the fancy of our customers. Dark unfiltered beer «BLACK MOUNTAIN» – is an elaborate taste of light and dark barley malt, freshness of wheat malt, light mild taste and captivating flavour of natural coriander seeds while piquant hop bitterness combines and transforms the whole variety of tastes into a fused palette, making the dark unfiltered beer a genuine object of art.

In production of the beverage, the brewers were carefully selecting the ingredients and used only the best ones: light brewing barley malt, dark brewing barley malt, wheat malt, natural coriander seeds, special sorts of hop and exclusive yeast.

Presence of unfiltered brewing yeast and natural ingredients contributes to beer sludge formation, which is rather beneficial. It is essential to shake this sludge and pour into the glass together with the whole beer drink. This is the only way to experience the full taste of the beer. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether to do so or not but leaving the sludge in the bottle, you deprive yourself of the full taste.

The brewers have invested their love, time, and experience of many years in «BLACK MOUNTAIN» beer to enable you to enjoy every detail of the foamy drink.