Opening of a new bottling chamber and brand store


Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov participated in the ceremonial opening of a new bottling chamber and brand store of JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM», having cut the red ribbon symbolically.

Sergey Aksyonov visited the production area where the ceremonial launch of a new bottling chamber was held.

Further, the Head of the Republic examined the filling and sealing unit, labeling machine, facility for production pallet handling, metal drums filling line machine, new block for syrup preparation, finished products facility, glass bottling workshop for beer and beverages, and expedition of finished products.

General Director of JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» Alexey Khmelnitsky provided explanations in the course of visiting the production facilities. Sergey Aksyonov noted that the enterprise was able to preserve the brand and develop it. «Today we see that owing to such efforts, owing to joint team actions, the enterprise received new equipment, a new filling line and brand store are opened, and launching of chain stores in the Republic of Crimea and abroad is in the planning stage for future. I would like to express my gratitude to the personnel of Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM»! Last year the enterprise was the leader in paying taxes to the budget of the Republic of Crimea. The Government is interested in development of similar enterprises in the territory of the Republic of Crimea», said the Head of the Republic at the briefing.

According to Alexey Khmelnitsky, oncoming of hot weather caused 2.5 increase in demand for products of the integrated BSP «KRYM». While a growing trend for consuming still soft water and sparkling sweet beverages was noted. Presently, the enterprise is bottling 60% of beer and 40% of non-alcoholic products. «Today we have opened a completely new PET bottle filling workshop with capacity of 14 thousand bottles per hour. We bought this equipment in Asia-Pacific region, and it is one of the most up-to-date in the world and fully-automatic», said the General Director.

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Setting of a new bottling chamber of JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» into operation will secure additional product supplies and provide Crimea citizens with extra jobs. The rated line performance capacity comprises 14 thousand bottles per hour. The production floor space is 1152 square meters. The line costs over 230 million roubles. The line will release products of 1 and 2 liter volume as well as a new bottle of 1.5 liter volume. In the nearest future, the enterprise is planning further development of production and expansion of its line of beer and soft drinks.

The brand store of JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» is situated in the brewery building at 12 Geroev Stalingrada. In the store, one can buy souvenir gifts and brand glasses. Besides, in the store the prices for products of the brewery are considerably lowered.