We are excited to inform you about launching «YUBILEYNOYE» beer today in commemoration of the 35th anniversary celebration of JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» in 2017. For 35 years the plant's brewers have been brewing beer, being highly responsible, devoted and loving to their work for all these years.

Devotion to work and Czech traditions have been preserved for all these years to be manifested in new beer brands every time, causing our delight with unforgettable tastes. «YUBILEYNOYE» has objectified all the experience and knowledge of brewers, combining harmony of tastes and well-intermingled flavours, which have a true diversity of notes representing a genuine ripe beer. «YUBILEYNOYE» – is a balanced taste with mild and tender bitterness, light amber colour, and pleasing hop flavour while a combination of high thickness and strength endows the beer with manliness and power.

Let us celebrate the anniversary of our plant together, joining our beer glasses filled with charming amber «YUBILEYNOYE» beer!

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