Thermal mineral water is extracted from the well No. 3503 with a depth of 900 m, which is located in the resort town of Saki.

It has the following indicators regarding therapeutic use:

  • chronic gastritis with normal gastric secretion, with decreased gastric secretion;
  • uncomplicated gastroduodenal ulcer, diseases of the operated stomach and duodenum, diseases of the operated stomach, in connection with the gastroduodenal ulcer, chronic colitis and enterocolitis;
  • chronic hepatic and bile ducts diseases, hepatitis, dyskinesia of bile ducts, cholecystitis, angiocholitis of different etiology without propensity to frequent complications, postcholecystectomy syndrome, chronic pancreatitis;
  • metabolic diseases: diabetes, obesity, gout, urine acid diathesis, oxaluria, phosphaturia, chronic kidney and urinary tract diseases.

Origin: Russia, the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol

Extracted: from 1982

Complies with GOST Р 54316-2011

Process procedure for the production of mineral water of the JSC «BSP «KRYM»

  • Well No. 3503
    Well No. 3503
  • Reception point with filter
    Reception point with filter

    Water extraction from well. Pre-filtering

  • Truck tank
    Truck tank

    Water delivery from well No. 3503

  • Mineral water storage vessel
    Mineral water storage vessel

    Mineral water storage

  • Fine filter
    Fine filter

    Mineral water filtration

  • Saturation plant
    Saturation plant

    Mineral water carbonation

  • Bottling

    Dispensing water into glass bottles and PET containers


Звезда качества России«Star of Russian Quality» in the nomination «For Preserving the Best Russian Traditions of Quality»

медаль «Лучший продукт - 2019»Gold medal at «Best Product – 2019» contest in the context of the 26-rd «ProdExpo – 2019» International Fair

Медаль «Гран При» «Пиво-2017»«Grand Prix» Gold Medal for top quality the 26-th «Beer-2017» International Fair in Sochi.

Медаль «За внешний вид» «Пиво-2017»Medal for the appearance and originality of the design at the XХVI International Exhibition BEER-2016 in Sochi

Медаль «ПродЭкспо-2016»Gold medal at «Best Product – 2016» contest in the context of the 23-rd «ProdExpo – 2016» International Fair

Медаль «Национальный знак качества»Medal of honor «National Quality Mark» 2016, 2015

Медаль «Пиво-2016»Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХV International Exhibition «BEER-2016» in Sochi

Медаль «Пиво-2015»Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХIV International Exhibition «BEER-2015» in Sochi


Basic chemical composition, mg/dm³:

  • anions – HCO3– 600-950;
  • SO42- – 100-150;
  • Cl- – 500-600;
  • cations – Ca2+ – <25;
  • Mg2+ – <10;
  • (Na+ + K+) – 650-750.

Total mineralization: 1,7-2,5 г/дм3 .


Glass bottle ПЭТ бутылка PET bottle

Glass bottle

0.5 litres

PET bottle

0.5 litres

PET bottle

1 liter

ПЭТ бутылка 2  

PET bottle

1.5 litres

PET bottle


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