For everyone who cares about their and their family's health the Crimea Beer and Soft Drinks Production Facility has prepared table water for daily drinking «KRYMSKAYA DRINKING WATER». This product passes several degrees of purification, softening and saturation with an optimally balanced composition of minerals. Therefore, «KRYMSKAYA DRINKING WATER» has a mild taste without pronounced after-tastes after mineralization.

«KRYMSKAYA DRINKING WATER» is bottled in containers of different volumes – from 0.5 liters to 6 liters – and in packs of 18.9 liters. Favorite coffee or tea, made with the «KRYMSKAYA DRINKING WATER», will fully disclose their aroma and become even more healthy and tasty.

Origin: Russia, the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol

Produced: from 2010

Complies with TU 0131-001-00794572-15


Звезда качества России«Star of Russian Quality» in the nomination «For Preserving the Best Russian Traditions of Quality»

Медаль «Национальный знак качества»Medal of honor «National Quality Mark» 2016, 2015


Chemical composition:

  • total salt content, mg/L – 170-250;
  • total hardness, mg-equ/L – 1,0-2,5;
  • potassium, мг/л, mg/L, max – 20;
  • calcium, mg/L – 80-130;
  • magnesium, mg/L, max – 65;
  • chlorides, mg/L, max – 150;
  • sulfates, mg/L, max – 250;
  • bicarbonates, mg/L, max – 250.


ПЭТ бутылка
ПЭТ бутылка

PET bottle

0.5 litres

PET bottle

1 liter

1 5 ПЭТ бутылка 6

PET bottle

1,5 litres

PET bottle

2 litres


5 litres

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