JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» produces a wide range of beer and beer beverages for every taste.

At this time, the beer assortment is 12 brands, among which there is light and dark, filtered and unfiltered beer.

The key advantage of our products lies in the fact that the beer and beverages are made according to the traditional technology with observance of high quality standards. Most brands of beer have an unchanged recipes released in 1982. New brands of beer and beer beverages are developed taking into account the long-term experience of the breweries of the facility.

Assortment of beer of the JSC «BSP «KRYM»

Traditional brewing technology of the JSC «BSP «KRYM»

  • Дробилка

    Malt crushing

  • Mashing apparatus
    Mashing apparatus

    Malt mashing process

  • Filter apparatus
    Filter apparatus

    Separation of wort from spent grains

  • Boiling pan
    Boiling pan

    Beer wort boiling with hop

  • Cooling unit
    Cooling unit

    Wort cooling within heat-exchanger

  • Principal fermentation vessel
    Principal fermentation vessel

    Beer fermentation during 7 – 10 days

  • Maturation vessel
    Maturation vessel

    Beer maturation from 21 to 46 days, depending on beer brands

  • Filtration unit
    Filtration unit

    Beer filtration with KG and TRAP filters

  • Produce storage section
    Produce storage section

    Beer storage before dispensing

  • Pasteurizer

    Beer pasteurization

  • Filling line
    Filling line

    Finished beer dispensing into glass bottles, PET containers, aluminum cans and kegs

Advantages of making beer according to the traditional technology

Preservation of traditions

There are two main technologies for making beer:

  • traditional, when the hops is added at the brewing stage;
  • accelerated, using hop products or hop extracts, which are added to the beverage at the filtration stage.

The traditional technology of beer production was developed and put into operation at the JSC «BSP «KRYM» under the Czech project and has not changed since the facility foundation (1982).

The best varieties of hops and malt

JSC «BSP «KRYM» uses only natural high-quality hops from the German company HOPSTEINER, as well as selected varieties of malt of domestic producers.

Continuous brewing of beer wort

The brewing of beer wort takes about 16 hours.

The fermentation time corresponds to the standards

The fermentation process of beer lasts from 7 to 10 days.

Observance of maturation time

After the fermentation process, the beer enters the technological vessels of end-fermentation, where young beer matures in 21-46 days and forms a flavorful and aromatic bouquet, as well as varietal characteristics of pure mature beer.

Modern equipment

All equipment meets the highest quality standards and has the latest automation system.

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