«BLACK MOUNTAIN» Beer beverage

«BLACK MOUNTAIN» is a premium dark unfiltered beer with a pleasant burnt malt taste with pronounced hop bitterness and spicy aroma. Under the rays of the sun, this beer acquires shades of maroon, velvet, opaque color. The uniqueness of this beer is that for its making we use 3 types of malt: brewing barley light, brewing barley dark, wheat malt. The final note of taste in the «BLACK MOUNTAIN» beer is coriander grains, they give the beer a rich spicy aroma.

Like any quality unfiltered beer, «BLACK MOUNTAIN» eventually forms a sediment, which is desirable to dissolve by shaking before consumption – so the taste of beer will be more saturated. Used select varieties of the best malt and bittering hops create an exquisite taste, which will be appreciated by lovers of dark beer. «BLACK MOUNTAIN» is referred to beer beverages in accordance with the requirements of GOST because of the presence of coriander and natural caramel color.

OriginRussia, the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol

Produced: from 2016

Initial wort density12,5%

Alcohol content – min. 4.5% by volume

Complies with GOST 55292-2012


Звезда качества России«Star of Russian Quality» in the nomination «For Preserving the Best Russian Traditions of Quality».

pv2019Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХVIII International Exhibition «BEER-2019» in Sochi

медаль «Лучший продукт - 2019»Gold medal at «Best Product – 2019» contest in the context of the 26-rd «ProdExpo – 2019» International Fair

Медаль «Национальный знак качества»Medal of honor «National Quality Mark» 2016, 2015














Drinking water, light barley malt, dark coloured malted barley, wheat malt, coriander, hop, sugar color, yeast.

Nutrition value: carbohydrates –  5,7 g/100 g of beer.

Energy value: 48 kcal/100 g of beer.


Алюминиевая банка Стеклянная бутылка

Aluminum can

0.45 litres

Glass bottle

0.5 litres

ПЭТ кега Алюминиевая кега

PET keg

30 liters

Aluminum keg

30 and 50 liters

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