The line of soft drinks of the JSC «BSP «KRYM» includes both «LEMONADE» and «GAZIROVKA», known to many generations, and modern cocktail drinks. The main advantage of our products is the maximum preservation of naturalness and quality.

Assortment of soft drinks

Traditional technology of production of lemonades (soft drinks) of the JSC «BSP «KRYM»

  • Syrup cooker
    Syrup cooker

    Sugar syrup boiling

  • Syrup prefiltration
    Syrup prefiltration
  • Pasteurizer

    Sugar syrup pasteurization

  • Filtration unit
    Filtration unit

    Sugar syrup filtering

  • Color cooker
    Color cooker

    Natural sugar colorant-caramel production

  • Blending vessel
    Blending vessel

    Flavor syrup production

  • Filtration unit
    Filtration unit

    Flavor syrup filtering

  • Prepared syrup vessel
    Prepared syrup vessel

    Finished flavor syrup storage

  • Synchromixer

    Beverage production

  • Filling line
    Filling line

    Dispensing finished beverage into glass bottles, PET containers, aluminum cans and kegs

Advantages of making lemonades according to the traditional technology

Quality sugar

JSC «BSP «KRYM» does not use sweeteners or glucose-fructose syrups for making the soft drinks. We make white syrups and caramel color on the basis of high-quality sugar exclusively.

Natural caramel color

There are 4 classes of caramel colors: I, II, III, IV caramel colors. From I – useful and up to IV – harmful, the intake of which is recommended to be limited to 160-200 mg/kg of body weight. In our color cookers we produce natural caramel color I, in simple words – caramel. It is harmless, has excellent properties of natural dye and gives the drink a straw-golden color.

Natural components

We make soft drinks on the basis of natural flavor and aroma components exclusively.

Filtered water

Taste of a drink depends on the quality of water. At the JSC «BSP «KRYM» it passes four degrees of filtration, it is cleaned and softened, and optimally balanced in terms of acid-base balance (PH).

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