Water is the source of life. For an active life, a modern person needs pure water saturated with minerals and microelements. JSC «BSP «KRYM» offers an assortment of quality water, which contains all the substances necessary for the body: mineral water (for the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases) and drinking water (great for daily use).

Assortment of mineral and drinking water

Process procedure for the production of mineral water of the JSC «BSP «KRYM»

  • Well No. 3503
    Well No. 3503
  • Reception point with filter
    Reception point with filter
  • Truck tank
    Truck tank
  • Mineral water storage vessel
    Mineral water storage vessel
  • Fine filter
    Fine filter
  • Saturation plant
    Saturation plant
  • Bottling

Advantages of extraction and production of mineral water of the JSC «BSP «KRYM»

Constant composition

Well No. 3503 was developed in the resort city of Saki in 1956 and has a depth of more than 900 meters. Composition of mineral water has not changed for 60 years what is confirmed by laboratory studies.

Artesian spring

Springs of artesian type are among the most important useful natural resources.

Absence of contamination

Artesian aquifers are reliably protected from surface contamination.

Natural filtration

12 layers of rocks of fine-grained and solid type act as a filter with a height of 900 meters, purify and mineralize water, saturating it with macro- and microelements, thereby replenishing their deficiency in the human body and exerting a therapeutic and healing effect.