«CRIMEAN RIVIERA» is a classic light premium-class lager with a soft, pleasant aroma of hops and malt, with a refined floral taste and light golden color.

The selected barley malt of the highest quality varieties is used for the production of this brand of beer. From the entire crop experts select only 10% of brewing barley, which is used to make the «CRIMEAN RIVIERA». An elite aromatic and bitter hops from one of the best producers in Europe gives the beer finished, unique firm taste.

«CRIMEAN RIVIERA» will be to the taste of connoisseurs of unchanging, classic brands of the premium beer.

Origin: Russia, the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol

Produced: from 2007

Initial wort density – 12,0%

Alcohol content – min. 5.0% by volume

Complies with GOST 31711-2012

Production term is 37 days


Beer production term is 37 days!


Star of Russian Quality«Star of Russian Quality» in the nomination «For Preserving the Best Russian Traditions of Quality»

«Grand Prix» Gold Medal «Beer-2017»«Grand Prix» Gold Medal for top quality the 26-th «Beer-2017» International Fair in Sochi.

Gold medal «ProdExpo – 2016»Gold medal at «Best Product – 2016» contest in the context of the 23-rd «ProdExpo – 2016» International Fair

Medal «National Quality Mark»Medal of honor «National Quality Mark» 2016, 2015

Gold medal «BEER-2016»Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХV International Exhibition «BEER-2016» in Sochi

Gold medal «BEER-2015»Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХIV International Exhibition «BEER-2015» in Sochi

Medal for the appearance «BEER-2015»Medal for the appearance and originality of the design at the XХIV International Exhibition «BEER-2015» in Sochi

Gold medal «Peterfood-2015»Gold medal at the XXIV International Food Exhibition «Peterfood-2015»










Prepared drinking water, malt brewing barley light, maize grits, hop.

Nutrition value: carbohydrates –  4,7 g/100 g of beer.

Energy value: 46 kcal/100 g of beer.


Aluminum can Glass bottle

Aluminum can

0.45 litres

Glass bottle

0.45 litres

PET keg Aluminum keg

PET keg

30 liters

Aluminum keg

30 and 50 liters

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