«LEMONADE» Sparkling drink

«LEMONADE» is a sweet soft drink having a cool property. JSC «BSP «KRYM» traditionally uses the natural caramel color (prepared by heating sugar) for making the Lemonade.

Caramel color is produced in our facility with observance of traditional technology. It gives the drink a straw-golden color and complements the taste of «LEMONADE». The purity of the drink taste is achieved through the use of purified and specially prepared water. JSC «BSP «KRYM» cleans and softens water, giving it an optimal balanced composition. Combination of water, caramel color, and flavor and aromatic compositions makes it possible to create a unique taste of the classic «LEMONADE», familiar to us from childhood!

Origin: Russia, the Republic of Crimea, Simferopol

Produced: from 1982

Complies with GOST 28188-2014


Звезда качества России«Star of Russian Quality» in the nomination «For Preserving the Best Russian Traditions of Quality».

Медаль «Пиво-2017»Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХVI International Exhibition «BEER-2017» in Sochi

Медаль за «Внешний вид и оригинальность оформления» «Пиво-2016»Medal for the appearance and originality of the design at the XХVI International Exhibition BEER-2016 in Sochi

Медаль «ПродЭкспо-2016»Gold medal at «Best Product – 2016» contest in the context of the 23-rd «ProdExpo – 2016» International Fair

Медаль «Пиво-2016»Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХV International Exhibition «BEER-2016» in Sochi

Медаль «Национальный знак качества»Medal of honor «National Quality Mark» 2016, 2015

Медаль «Пиво-2015»Gold medal for «Excellent quality» at the XХIV International Exhibition «BEER-2015» in Sochi


Prepared drinking water, sugar, acidity regulator - citric acid, preserving agent - sodium benzoate, "Lemonade" nature-identical flavoring agent, natural coloring agent - sugar dye.

Nutrition value: carbohydrates –  10,4 g/100 g of beer.

Energy value: 41,6 kcal/100 g of beer.


Aluminum can Glass bottle PET bottle

Aluminum can

0.33 litres

Glass bottle

0.5 litres

PET bottle

0.5 litres

PET bottle PET bottle PET keg

PET bottle

1 liter

PET bottle


PET keg

30 liters

Aluminum keg    

Aluminum keg

30 and 50 liters