Limited series of “Krymskaya” water is a joint project of “Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym” and Simferopol Airport

This day, one of the largest and most significant infrastructure facilities of the Crimea, the new terminal of Simferopol International Airport — celebrated its first birthday.

For many Crimean guests, it becomes the first attraction from which acquaintance with the peninsula begins. The new terminal has become the modern and stylish face of Crimea, its first air bridge with the whole Russia and foreign countries. For many, the airport symbolizes the unity of Crimea with Russia, the 5th anniversary of which we celebrated on March 18 this year.

“Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym”, as one of the flagships of the region’s industry, takes an active part in the public life of the peninsula. The company has been the largest taxpayer in the Republic of Crimea for 4 years in a row and continues to set new records. So, in 2018, the plant produced and sold the largest volume of products for 36 years of its existence. The stable development of the company is due to the choice in favor of natural quality products not only by Crimeans, but also by residents of mainland Russia.

“Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym” became the Exclusive Partner of the Crimea Air Harbor. Last year, our team met the passengers of the first flights with sweet natural drinks, and on the anniversary of the opening of the new terminal we present a limited co-brand series of “Krymskaya” mineral and drinking water range from “Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym” and Simferopol Airport.

The presentation of the limited series “Krymskaya” was held by Aleksey Khmelnitsky, the General Director of JSC “Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym”, and Evgeny Plaksin, the Director General of Simferopol International Airport.

“Krymskaya” mineral water is the pride not only of “Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym”, but also of all the inhabitants of the peninsula. Unique in its composition, natural mineral water is produced in the environmentally friendly resort city of Saki.

Well No. 3503 was developed in 1956, has a depth of 900 meters and was included in the 4 best mineral waters of all-union significance in Soviet times. The composition of mineral water has not changed for 60 years, as evidenced by laboratory studies. The natural filter of unique water is 12 layers of rocks that saturate it with natural macro- and microelements.

Since today, the limited series of “Krymskaya” water is distributed to stores in all regions of Russia, so that everyone can try the gift of environmentally friendly Crimean mineral resources in their city.

We are sure that customers will appreciate the taste and useful properties of the legendary product.

Fly to Crimea — #ПейКрым!

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