Opening of the new warehouse unit and launch of the robotized line

On August 2, at “Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym” the inauguration of the new warehouse unit and the launch of the new robotized keg filling line took place. The opening ceremony was attended by Vladimir Andreyevich Konstantinov, the Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, Efim Zisievich Fiks, the Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, and Viktor Nikolayevich Ageev, the Chairman of the Simferopol City Council.

The honored guests together with Aleksey Mikhailovich Khmelnitsky, the General Director of “Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym”, examined new warehouse unit No. 5 and visited the new line for bottling products in kegs, where V.A. Konstantinov personally launched an industrial robot. The Chairman of the State Council has noted that the equipment used at the plant inspires hope that the enterprise will only develop.

“Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym” is one of our flagships. This is our largest taxpayer, one of the most modern and powerful enterprises of the republic. Here, technologies that can only be envied, and salaries are higher than the Crimean ones by 30%,” Konstantinov added.

After the inauguration and the launch of the new line, V.A. Konstantinov met with employees of the enterprise.

Finished goods warehouse No. 5 is a modern logistics unit that meets the latest technological standards. The total area of the facility is more than 3,400 sq. m and allows for freight turnover at the level of 885 tons per day or more than 323 thousand tons per year.

Application of modern high-tech materials in the construction will create the optimal microclimate and storage conditions for products. Particular attention in the design and construction is made to fire safety. The facility is provided with an emergency fire alarm, a fire warning system, an automatic fire extinguishing and smoke removal system.

The commissioning of the warehouse unit will increase the production capacity of the enterprise, as the total storage area of the plant's products has increased by 25% or more than 2,800 pallet places.

Investments of “Beer & Soft Drinks Plant “Krym” to the construction of the warehouse unit amounted to 75 million rubles.

The facility was built without raising any credit funds - construction financing was made entirely at the enterprise’s own costs.

It is noteworthy that the contractors from the construction work are companies from Crimea. This approach to the selection of local contractors allowed the funds invested in construction to remain in the economy of the Republic of Crimea.

A new line for bottling products in kegs with an industrial robot is a modern and fully automatic equipment. A new line for bottling products in kegs was purchased in one of the European countries and allows for the production of products in metal kegs with a capacity of more than 150 kegs/hour.

The industrial robot as part of the new line is designed to palletize metal kegs. We are talking about a robot in the literal sense of the word, since this unit performs programmable operations and control completely without human intervention - using sensors and its own computer. This robotic complex has been developed in one of the countries of the Pacific region, which is one of the world leaders in high technology.

The launch of an industrial robot as part of the new line made it possible to increase the line output by 40%, to ensure a high level of personnel safety in compliance with all quality standards.

The plant’s own investments in the equipment of this line and an industrial robot amounted to more than 60 million rubles.

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