Lightly carbonated water

JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» expanded its mineral waters range by producing mineral medicinal table lightly carbonated water. Lightly carbonated «KRYMSKAYA MINERALNAYA» water is less saturated with carbon dioxide, which contributes to its milder taste. It can also quench one's thirst well and belongs to medicinal table waters. The mineral water is produced from a 900-meter deep well No. 3503 in the famous resort town Saki.

It has the following indications for medical use:

  • chronic normal and subacid gastritis;
  • uncomplicated gastroduodenal ulcer, diseases of the operated stomach and duodenum, diseases of the operated stomach in relation to gastroduodenal ulcer, chronic colitis and enterocolitis;
  • hepatopathy and bile passages diseases, hepatitis, biliary dyskinesia, cholecystitis, angiocholitis of various ethiology without liability to frequent complications, postcholecystectomy syndrome, chronic pancreatitis;
  • metabolic diseases: diabetes mellitus, obesity, uratosis, uratic diathesis, oxaluria, phosphaturia, chronic renal diseases and diseases of the urinary tract.

«KRYMSKAYA MINERALNAYA» water is the best thing created for you by nature!

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