WHITE ROCK – unfiltered!

JSC «Beer & Soft Drinks Plant «KRYM» started production of new unfiltered beer «WHITE ROCK», and such beer is also called «white» beer. White beer history comprises over four hundred years now, and its taste has specifics of «live» beer and unique refreshing qualities, which is a characteristic feature of «WHITE ROCK» beer.

For  production of the beverage, we use special raw materials: light brewing barley malt, wheat malt, natural coriander seeds, special sorts of hop and exclusive yeast. Combination of all these components in «WHITE ROCK» beer provides unforgettable palette of taste and flavour. Coriander seeds have a specific tender flavour and pleasing fresh savour providing a cooling effect while drinking the beverage. Presence of unfiltered brewing yeast and natural ingredients contributes to beer sludge formation, which is a characteristic feature of this sort of beer. It is essential to shake this sludge and pour into the glass together with the whole beverage. This is the only way to experience the taste of «white» beer. Of course, it is up to you to decide whether to do so or not but leaving the sludge in the bottle, you deprive yourself of the full taste.

A characteristic feature of «WHITE ROCK» beer produced at JSC «BSP «KRYM» is the fact that the enterprise has preserved all old traditions of brewing this beverage to the uttermost.

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